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Shockwave Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

Here at Queensland Lithotripsy Services we use the latest Storz Duolith SD1 Ultra Focused Shock-wave machine in our treatments of Peyronie’s Disease.
This ultrasound guided, focused Shockwave machine is far superior to the Radial (unfocused) Machines used elsewhere, as we can positively identify the area of plaques/scar tissue using our ultrasound probe and then target the problem area using ultrasound guided focused Shockwaves.

Peyronie’s disease effects an estimated 15% of adult males. The etiology of this condition is not completely understood but it is believed to be a result of micro trauma involving the penis causing specifically, scar tissue formation in the tunica albuginea which can cause pain, abnormal curvature, erectile dysfunction, indentation, loss of girth and shortening.
Peyronie’s Disease is a disorder of the fibrous tissue leading to scarring of connective tissue of the penis. This can cause deformity of the erect penis (erectile dysfunction), painful erections and difficulty in engaging in sexual intercourse.

At Queensland Lithotripsy Services our treatment process for Peyronie’s Disease consists of 5 weekly treatments using low to mid-level energy Shockwaves to stimulate a response in the tissue.
The area to be treated will be identified using either ultrasound imaging or by palpation, ultrasound gel will then be applied to the penis and the Focused Shockwave therapy head will be placed on to the treatment site. A total of 3000 Shockwaves will be administered per session, this will take between 40 and 50 minutes.

If you are suffering from this condition and wish to find out more about our treatment options please contact us here at Queensland Lithotripsy Services and we will put you in touch with our experienced radiographer who undertakes the Peyronie’s Disease treatments at our dedicate clinic right here in Brisbane.

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