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Long Term Results for Plantar fasciitis ( with or without heel spur)?

Shockwave Treatment
Plantar Fasciitis can be a difficult problem to cure particularly when all options already seem to have been considered.

 A recent study of patients with chronic plantar fasciitis using Extra- corporeal shockwave treatment to eliminate their pain shows that the long term results are very favourable using this method & its clinical application has been very successful when compared to other conservative treatments.

 Available through Queensland Lithotripsy Services ( Q.L.S), this form of treatment has been available for around 14 years in Australia ,13 years at Q.L.S, with about 70% of patients showing good response to the treatment even after other conservative treatments have failed.

“Long term results of Extra Corporeal Shockwave treatment for plantar fasciitis”

Ching-jen Wang MD, FengSheng Wang PhD, Kuender D.Yang PhD et al.

The American Journal of sports medicine vol34 No 4

2006 American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine.

For enquires please contact Q.L.S on 07 3834 6448

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