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We remain committed to providing a high quality service to patients with persistent tendinopathies.Erectile Dysfunction Brisbane

QLS uses a dedicated ultrasound guided Dornier EPOS Ultra machine, enabling us to focus on the exact area/depth required for accurate treatment. No treating blind. It also boasts a dual power ability to select low through to high power as required, depending on the type of problem being treated.

QLS has 16 years of clinical experience in Orthotripsy & has proved that a number of conditions can be successfully treated including:

Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, Trochanteric bursitis, Tennis and Golfers elbow and calcific/ non calcific tendinitis of the shoulder.

Our treatment regime is not done in conjunction with any other treatment and each of 3-4 sessions is dedicated to Orthotripsy lasting around 25 mins.  Treatment is also available through Workcover QLD,Veterans Affairs and Defence (medibank health solutions) with prior approval.


The attached references outline features needed for quality treatment in Orthotripsy. The ability to select both low and high power has been of enormous benefit to us and our patients.

  1. Ultrasound guided high energy extracorporeal shockwave treatment of symptomatic calcareous tendinopathy of the shoulder. Christian Jakabeit et al.     ANZ J. surg.2002; 72:496-500

This concluded:

“ There are certain factors which are prerequisites for successful ESWT. The first is continuous ultrasound guidance of treatment. The second is a high energy therapy concept and repeat treatments if possible until the calcareous deposits are resorbed.

The advantage of continuous sonographically guided ESWT is that it enables permanent visual control and the ability to correct the direction of shockwaves that provides for optimal therapy”

  1. Randomised placebo-controlled, double –blind clinical trial evaluating the treatment of plantar fasciitis with an extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) device: A North American confirmatory study. Patricia Kudo et al. Journal of orthopaedic research Feb 2006.

We are based at Brisbane Private Hospital. More information on our service is available at or phone 07 3834 6448.

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